Long Garnet Necklace with Sterling Silver Rosary Chain- Wire Wrapped Jewelry - January Birthstone Jewelry - Birthday Gift for Women

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A handcrafted red garnet necklace featuring beautiful tiny garnet gemstones wire wrapped with sterling silver. The little 3mm garnets have rough facets that glint in the light. I've finished the necklace with an antique inspired sterling silver filigree clasp to add a special touch to the design. You can choose your custom length during checkout. The necklace is dainty and simple, yet elegant. It is perfect for everyday, as well as special occasions. It would make a wonderful gift for January babies, sweethearts, garnet lovers, and those that love simple, modern design.

*Garnet Symbolism: Garnet is one of the most ancient talismans, thought to have strong curative properties and protective energies. It is a stone of intense feeling, love, purity, truth, awareness and creativity. Garnets were highly prized during the Victorian era, and because of their association with loyalty, fidelity and eternal love, they were often used in betrothal and engagement jewelry.*

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